A Legacy Alive…

It seems surreal as I sit here on the cusp of April 1, 2021, that a mere twelve months ago we were preparing for a pandemic that we hoped would be of a short duration, putting in place precautionary protocols, and foregoing group gatherings and outings. Today, for a variety of reasons, we find ourselves… Read More

What’s Your Water?

The sailing season has begun again at Eagle Lake Sailing Club with our annual Memorial Day Regatta. Amidst the uncertainties of our current times, we were able to raise our sails and enjoy, albeit for a few brief hours, the solitude and peace of being on the water.  I found myself finally able to release… Read More

Another Season in the Books…

Today is an ‘inside day’. One of those days where the weather isn’t cooperating – rainy, windy and cool – so any outside activities are limited and the list of inside things-to-do sits on the desk staring at you, wondering why you aren’t paying attention to them. It’s a day that warrants hot tea and… Read More

A Sense of Belonging…

From our early childhood, we likely remember wanting to belong to a team or to fit in with friends and schoolmates.  Whether it was where and with whom you sat with at lunch to being picked for an after-school game of basketball, we inherently had the desire to want to be part of the group… Read More

5-4-3-2-1…All Clear

The start of a race has always seemed a bit chaotic to me, like a racehorse ready to bolt from the starting gate. The back and forth along the start line, calculating and jockeying for position as the time counts down. The intensity on the faces of the competitors looking to be first off the… Read More