All new members join at the associate level. Associate Members have all the privileges of Full Membership except voting rights. Associate Members are not required to own a sailboat. New members are strongly encouraged to become acquainted with our club, our members, and our racing program before investing in a boat.

At the end of two full sailing seasons Associate Members will be sent an application for Full Membership in January. Approval of the application requires the payment of an initiation fee, the recommendation of three Full Members and ownership of a sailboat. Other criteria the board will consider when evaluating applications to Full Membership are: your enthusiastic support of and voluntary contributions to the club, and club activities, including our racing and junior programs.

Dues and Fees for 2023

Each year the board of directors reviews the budget and sets the dues and fees for the coming season.

Boat parking fee (year round)$150
Boat parking fee (summer May 1-Oct 30)$65
Boat parking fee (winter Nov 1-Apr 30)$85
Small boat rack storage fee$30
New member key deposit fee (2 keys)$40

Please don’t send a payment with this application. Our Membership Chair will contact you upon the receipt of your application. Your application will then be considered by the Board at their next regular meeting. After board approval, a member statement will be sent to you. Payment is due with the return of your member statement.

If a club member encouraged you to join the club and has agreed to sponsor you, you can designate them as your sponsor: