While our neighbors to the West are experiencing unheard of snow accumulations this year with the most recent forecast dumping yet another 12” of new powder.  Many of us here in the Midwest are looking to put this long winter season with its cloud covered skies, intermittent sunshine and abysmal amounts of snow behind us in anticipation of a brighter Spring.  

Ah, springtime.  Like the turning of a kaleidoscope to see new colors and dimensions form before our eyes…from ice to clear water, from a few straggling geese to flocks of birds on their migrations back north, and from mounds of snow dirty from winter’s footprint to crocus and tulips raising their heads from hibernation.  It’s a time that invigorates you to put away the trappings of winter in anticipation of warmer days ahead.

At Eagle Lake Sailing Club, Spring awakens our inner sailing passions and the season that will soon begin.  Many a sailor will be readying their boats and making those needed repairs, long forgotten with boats still under their winter cover.  It will cause us to shake off the rugs and dust out the cobwebs of our clubhouse in anticipation of the arrival of visitors. And it will bring forth a renewed sense of camaraderie and community as we rekindle friendships and share stories from our winter escapades.

Spring is our new beginning at ELSC.  A reboot if you will to engage in a new season.  A time that reminds us of our commitment to sailing, to the Club, and to our need to be ever mindful of the resources we are asked to steward.  It’s our time to seek out friends, family, and coworkers who would also want to share in our commitment and discover that special magic of ELSC.  

I saw a quote recently that said, “Spring is nature’s way of reminding us that every day is worthy of celebration.”  So come on ELSC, let’s shake off old man winter and have a party!

ELSC Commodore