Today is an ‘inside day’. One of those days where the weather isn’t cooperating – rainy, windy and cool – so any outside activities are limited and the list of inside things-to-do sits on the desk staring at you, wondering why you aren’t paying attention to them. It’s a day that warrants hot tea and warm socks with the potential of lighting a fire to ward off the chill in the air. It’s a day that signals the advent of Fall in all its blustering glory.

On my inside to-do list today is updating information on our ELSC website, which is far overdue as you can tell from the last time I posted on the Commodore’s blog. As I work through my list, I’m reflecting on this past sailing season and wanted to share a few highlights of mine:

  • Our growth in membership this year with the addition of 9 new member families bringing our total membership to 76 families and some 130 individuals.
  • The addition of our new docks which will benefit our sailors and sailing programs as well as making it easier on everyone’s backs since we aren’t lifting the old wooden dock pieces any longer.
  • The success and ongoing growth of our sailing fleets which continue to thrive and compete both on Eagle Lake as well as around the region.
  • The numerous social events we enjoyed this season from potlucks to fireworks to our annual Fall Dinner that brought together our sailing community.
  • The esprit-de-corp that always seems to be present when members gather reminding me of the spirit that embodies our Club.
  • And my all time favorite, enjoying the singing and spirited conversation between father and daughter while crewing on a certain light blue Thistle in very heavy winds.

I’m sure there are loads more that I haven’t thought of or others that you would see as a personal highlight. Perhaps it was winning a race or placing in a regatta, or enjoying a sunset on the lake with friends. This is what makes Eagle Lake Sailing Club special…the people, the shared experiences, the camaraderie, and the love of sailing. And it keeps us coming back season after season, doing what we do best.

As we close out our 2019 sailing season, I want to thank the Board for their support and guidance throughout the year, the Officers and Chairs who take on additional responsibility to ensure the Club and programs run smoothly, and most importantly you our members, who bring your energy and resources to help make our Club one of the best in the region.

While the masts may be down and the boats stored for the winter, we still have some exciting events to look forward to at the Club this winter, so watch your email and the website for updates. And to our members who travel away for the winter, we’ll keep the home fires burning and look forward to seeing you in the spring.

Until next time, remember to set your sail, and use the winds of life to get to where you want to go…

ELSC Commodore