The start of a race has always seemed a bit chaotic to me, like a racehorse ready to bolt from the starting gate. The back and forth along the start line, calculating and jockeying for position as the time counts down. The intensity on the faces of the competitors looking to be first off the line. It’s hectic. It’s frantic. And in some cases, a bit intimidating, especially for a new racer as you haul in your sail and hope to catch that puff of wind without fouling someone.

But that’s the nature of beginnings. Often times a bit intimidating but also equally exciting regarding the prospects to come. While we can still have that slight sense of nervousness anticipating what’s to come, in many cases, our planning and preparation pays off and our new beginning embraces us as if expecting our visit all along. And so it is with our new Eagle Lake Sailing Club website. A turning of the page to embrace our past but with an eye to the future.

The new look and content to our website has been in the works for the past several months and we are excited that we are able to launch prior to the 2019 sailing season. We have developed an enhanced website and central repository of resources for members and have endeavored to make the site more user-friendly and attractive to prospective member families highlighting the value of being a part of the club. We have two new password protected portals for members and the board where we can post information that we do not want in the public domain such as the membership directory and race committee assignments. And lastly, we have built a website that not only pays homage to our past but stays focused on our mission and the future of our club and the diverse group of individuals that make up our sailing community

So please visit our new site and tell us what you think. Learn about our history, annual events, racing and how prospective members can join. Take some time to navigate the site and become familiar with where to find information and resources. We’ve even reimagined the Commodore’s Corner into a blog and have added a photo gallery on the members page.

This is our new beginning. A new look for Eagle Lake Sailing Club. Please feel free to share the link with your family, friends and potential members. With wind in our sails we are ready to start the race and clear sailing ahead for the new year

Until next time remember, we cannot direct the wind but we can always adjust our sails!

ELSC Commodore