The clubhouse is available for rental to active club members for a family function such as a private party, wedding reception, etc., under the following conditions:

  1. A rental application must be submitted to the Board for approval at least one month prior to the event. The rental fee and security deposit must accompany the application. We accept a personal check payable to Eagle Lake Yacht Club or money transfer from your personal bank via Zelle to
  • The summer rental fee is $300.00, and the winter (Nov. 1 to Apr. 30) fee is $400.00. An additional plowing fee may be assessed if conditions warrant.
  • A cleanup deposit of $100 must be paid to the Treasurer prior to the event. Use the rental checklist as a cleanup guide. After the event, the Rear Commodore will determine if the clubhouse and grounds were left in satisfactory condition. The deposit will be refunded accordingly
  1. Club rental only includes the exclusive use of the great room and kitchen. All other areas must be accessible to club members including the deck, waterfront, and docks.
  2. The Club may not be reserved on Saturdays from 11am to 5pm or on Sundays at any time during the sailing season.
  3. The number of people in attendance shall not exceed 75.
  4. Motor boat activities are not allowed – including use of the Race Committee boat or other Club motor boats.
  5. Members who reserve the Club cannot charge their guests a fee for the event, as this compromises our liability insurance.
  6. Members and guests are expected to abide by the Club Rules. Members who reserve the Club must personally supervise their guests and chaperone minors. The sponsoring member is liable for any damage to the club and club members’ property caused by their guests.

The Board of Directors has the authority to make exceptions to these rules when circumstances warrant.
Please review our Club Rules and Rental Checklist before returning this application.