The Board is seeking members who value what the club stands for and has to offer. The primary goal of ELSC is to advance the sport of sailing in an atmosphere where members enjoy the camaraderie and facilities to its full extent. This is best achieved when all members take an active part in promoting, maintaining, administering, and perpetuating our programs and facilities.

At the beginning of the calendar year, Associate Members are invited by the Board to apply for Full Membership to ELSC. Requirements for Full Membership consideration include: completion of two (2) full sailing seasons as an Associate Member, three (3) club full member sponsors, and ownership of a sailboat. An initiation fee of $150 must accompany the application. If your application is not approved, the fee will be returned to you. If your application is approved, we will retain the initiation fee and you will receive a member dues statement on or about March 1st.

Please electronically submit your application and under separate cover enclose your initiation fee* and mail to
Eagle Lake Sailing Club, P.O. Box 267, Edwardsburg, MI 49112.

* We accept a personal check payable to Eagle Lake Yacht Club or alternatively, a money transfer from your personal bank via Zelle to